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SKU: 507-2

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ARES pendant/ GOLD 585, SILVER 925

Ares was Greek god of war and courage, one of the Twelve Olympians, and the son of Zeus and Hera.

In a process of creating pieces depicting greek gods, I decided not to use the motif of sword to depict Ares, but rather the shield.

Bronze votive shield of the “Herzsprung” type (named after the are of northern Europe where such a shield was found) I saw in Delphi Archaeological museum was the inspiration for this pendant. The earliest examples of this type of shield were found in grave offerings in Cyprus. Late 8th c. BCE.

gold, silver

GOLD 585, SILVER 925

The casting process with resin is done by hand and process of polymerization is uncontrollable. During that process, some air is contracted inside the jewellery. I find that magical and alchemical, so those "imperfections" are not considered as a fault. "Fatto a mano" superb quality is one of my work's attribute and therefore the responsibility to my client.

50 mm x 5 mm
18 g

1.250,00  (9.418,13 kn)

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