Personal transformation and adaptation, as processes that are an integral part of the life of all beings, are themes of the new, Sovilj's seventeenth collection “Phoenix”.

Its unique feature is the absence of color and resin, the author's main materials, as well as strict geometric form, which makes it extremely "gender" neutral, however with an emphasis on male energy. The collection is entirely handmade of gold and silver, and from precious stones Nenad Sovilj used only black onyx and mountain crystal. It is precisely the absence of resin as well as the use of precious stones and precious metals only that is a powerful transformational element of Sovilj's work, announced by the artist as a milestone on his journey, which for him represents an increasing focus on the exploration of precious metals
and precious stones while pursuing his own artistic expression.

The Phoenix collection is named after a mythological bird that dies in a show of flames before being born again, creating a new life from its own ashes. Phoenix symbolizes immortality, eternal life and the sun, in accordance with the alternating cycles based on one's own decision and using the inner divine power of the fiery spark of life.

How free are we in life to spread our wings completely? Are we holding us back from doing it consciously or unconsciously, restrained by what we are telling ourselves or by what we are being told? The wings, as part of their own body, and the experience they enable since the dawn of time elevate the beings who have them to the highest levels of existence, either physical or metaphysical.

Through its form, the 16th Sovilj's collection, called Alexander, glorifies a specific group of such intelligent beings, parrots, actually the first ones brought to European soil, more precisely to ancient Greece, the cradle of the democratic tradition based on the idea of the free individual. Parrots are creatures that in coexistence with humans are restrained by a cage and often with folded wings, but they are also social beings, flock creatures who, because of the love they are able to give and receive, have decided to stay, not to fly away. Also, parrots are beautiful winged messengers that reflect our words, and therefore symbolize and teach us ideas about the power of words in creating our reality.

In the collection Aleksandar, Nenad Sovilj uses, for the first time, real feathers of exotic birds. As regards materials, there are also resin, gold, silver and various precious stones which, along with feathers, make the collection distinctly coloured.

The collection consists of various forms of necklaces, bracelets, medallions, earrings and rings.

In 2020 designer presented a Metamorphosis collection - of concrete but also symbolic meaning. Kafka wrote about it, Phillip Glass composed about it, Ovid sang about it and Sovilj creates jewelry that will remind you of the necessity of further change. With the collection slogan "Have You ever changed Your mind?" he is letting his imagination creates pieces of jewelry that symbolize a process of fluctuation of Mind, letting go to Creation that all started with a Pearl, as something he didn't like, that entered his life aggressively to just change his Mind! It symbolizes the process of constantly moving evolution of Nature and ourselves as Human Beings.

First Lady ring and earrings symbolize the strength and power of feminine energy that is Creation itself, as feminine energy is creative and inspiring - it's the energy that creates Life. It is centered in a pearl, and radiates through Saturn-like resin ring that represents different frequencies of fluid Mind, and the medium where energy morphs in Your final thought / decision /creation.

Saturn-like Satellite ring, earrings and necklace in collection, represent man having a material nature that will reign and symbolizes dominance, power, and change.

Moon necklace and earrings were named by Earth's natural satellite, which is related to Pearl; the only precious gemstone used in this collection. Pearls are symbolic of wisdom gained through experience. It is also said that these little gemstones are symbolic of the wearer's loyalty, generosity, integrity and purity.

The collection Metamorphosis includes two lines: one in precious metals and pearls, while the other handcrafted in precious metals, pearls, designer's favorite resin and enamel. Each piece is carefully handcrafted in Nenad Sovilj's atelier by author himself, and golden / silver parts in goldsmith's studio of Keckes family, one of the unfortunately rare master goldsmiths from Zagreb who cherish the beauty of this ancient craft, fatto a mano.

Monument collection was created as a result of designer’s contemplation about contrast of masculine and feminine energy. Through that process, he is building a monument that is an honoured and respected creation of usually a sculptor. He uses symbols of his birth town Zagreb and dedicates a ring to Meštović Pavilion, a masterpiece of his favourite sculptor Ivan Meštrović. And a necklace to Mandusevac, a special magical spring fountain on the main square that was present in forming the name of Croatian capital Zagreb.

He introduces new techniques of mixing resin with enamel, while combining them with gold and precious stones.

Like an alchemist in a game, he created strong geometric, sculptural pieces of jewelry that contain hidden symbols within.

The collection name is a fusion of the meanings of three words: the word itself, owl as a symbol of wisdom and the role of adjective wise in the description of our Homo sapiens species. Wearing an owl as accessory works as a talisman which invites us in an intuitive way to make wise decisions in our lives. Owl is a symbol of wisdom, knowledge and secrets, it is strongly connected with the mysticism, the Moon and the female power. It suggests enhanced sensuality. It is also a personification of night and sleep, and an unparalleled symbol of wealth.

Comet is a small and limited edition of jewellery made of gold and akoya pearls, and a result of the author’s endless fascination by the origin of life on Earth. It is also the author’s interpretation of a comet, where the pearls represent the head of a comet followed by concentric golden spheres which represent its tail.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of his work, the designer held an exhibition at the French pavilion in Zagreb, where a gigantic sculpture of the glucose molecule, made by the designer for the occasion, was used as a display for his jewellery collection. Very simple in form, but extremely complex to make, the collection glorifies both the micro and the macro cosmos.

The central element of every piece of jewellery in this collection is this small animal which represents metamorphosis, transformation and indestructible capability of adaptation. Its beauty lies in the constant change of patterns and the colour of their wings during their short life. Professionally cut semiprecious stones used in this collection, in combination with metals and resin, are striving to achieve this perfection of Nature.

Necklaces made of resin in one piece, that ergonomically fit female neck, are handmade in a long process of moulding. The inspiration was drown from the ancient emblem used to ward off evil spirits, which is believed to bring good luck if nailed with the ends pointing up. There are theories that the magic of this symbol lies in its shape - that of the horned moon.

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