How free are we in life to spread our wings completely? Are we holding us back from doing it consciously or unconsciously, restrained by what we are telling ourselves or by what we are being told? The wings, as part of their own body, and the experience they enable since the dawn of time elevate the beings who have them to the highest levels of existence, either physical or metaphysical.

Through its form, the 16th Sovilj's collection, called Alexander, glorifies a specific group of such intelligent beings, parrots, actually the first ones brought to European soil, more precisely to ancient Greece, the cradle of the democratic tradition based on the idea of the free individual. Parrots are creatures that in coexistence with humans are restrained by a cage and often with folded wings, but they are also social beings, flock creatures who, because of the love they are able to give and receive, have decided to stay, not to fly away. Also, parrots are beautiful winged messengers that reflect our words, and therefore symbolize and teach us ideas about the power of words in creating our reality. In the collection Aleksandar, Nenad Sovilj uses, for the first time, real feathers of exotic birds. As regards materials, there are also resin, gold, silver and various precious stones which, along with feathers, make the collection distinctly coloured.

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