Collection 2020

In 2020 designer presented a Metamorphosis collection - of concrete but also symbolic meaning. Kafka wrote about it, Phillip Glass composed about it, Ovid sang about it and Sovilj creates jewelry that will remind you of the necessity of further change. With the collection slogan "Have You ever changed Your mind?" he is letting his imagination creates pieces of jewelry that symbolize a process of fluctuation of Mind, letting go to Creation that all started with a Pearl, as something he didn't like, that entered his life aggressively to just change his Mind! It symbolizes the process of constantly moving evolution of Nature and ourselves as Human Beings.

First Lady ring and earrings symbolize the strength and power of feminine energy that is Creation itself, as feminine energy is creative and inspiring - it's the energy that creates Life. It is centered in a pearl, and radiates through Saturn-like resin ring that represents different frequencies of fluid Mind, and the medium where energy morphs in Your final thought / decision /creation.

Saturn-like Satellite ring, earrings and necklace in collection, represent man having a material nature that will reign and symbolizes dominance, power, and change.

Moon necklace and earrings were named by Earth's natural satellite, which is related to Pearl; the only precious gemstone used in this collection. Pearls are symbolic of wisdom gained through experience. It is also said that these little gemstones are symbolic of the wearer's loyalty, generosity, integrity and purity.

The collection Metamorphosis includes two lines: one in precious metals and pearls, while the other handcrafted in precious metals, pearls, designer's favorite resin and enamel. Each piece is carefully handcrafted in Nenad Sovilj's atelier by author himself, and golden / silver parts in goldsmith's studio of Keckes family, one of the unfortunately rare master goldsmiths from Zagreb who cherish the beauty of this ancient craft, fatto a mano.

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