Collection 2022

Personal transformation and adaptation, as processes that are an integral part of the life of all beings, are themes of the new, Sovilj's seventeenth collection “Phoenix”.

Its unique feature is the absence of color and resin, the author's main materials, as well as strict geometric form, which makes it extremely "gender" neutral, however with an emphasis on male energy. The collection is entirely handmade of gold and silver, and from precious stones Nenad Sovilj used only black onyx and mountain crystal. It is precisely the absence of resin as well as the use of precious stones and precious metals only that is a powerful transformational element of Sovilj's work, announced by the artist as a milestone on his journey, which for him represents an increasing focus on the exploration of precious metals
and precious stones while pursuing his own artistic expression.

The Phoenix collection is named after a mythological bird that dies in a show of flames before being born again, creating a new life from its own ashes. Phoenix symbolizes immortality, eternal life and the sun, in accordance with the alternating cycles based on one's own decision and using the inner divine power of the fiery spark of life.

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