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SKU: 924-2

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The creation of porcelain collection was inspired by the myth in which the famous battle between Perseus and Medusa occurs. Medusa was decapitated and her son Pegasus was born.

The collection is the result of the collaboration between Nenad Sovil and ceramist and sculptor Branimir Boban, consisting of vases, plates, bowls and cups made of porcelain and fine ceramics.

These very special pieces were exhibited at Galerija Klovićevi dvori, Zagreb in a period 7.-17. 09. 2023, as a part of the third unit.

It showa a noticeable combination of Sovilj's expertise in the interpretation of mythology and fine art, and Boban's knowledge and skills in the design of ceramics. With their modern approach to design, this artistic duo has created unique pieces that stand out for their aesthetics, symbolism and meticulous craftsmanship with regard to details, proportions and functionality.
The contemporary artistic interpretation of ancient Greek vases is characterized by the reduction of form and the use of porcelain as a medium instead of terracotta. The selection of porcelain due to its beauty, strength and resistance takes the form of a strong statement of a utopian character in the sense of an idealistic imagining of reality, depicted using "stubborn" porcelain, otherwise difficult to tame while modeling. However,  it wasn't only imagined, but rather created as a revitalization of the ancient Greek heritage and a reconstruction of the somewhat forgotten spirit of ancient times. Bringing it into modern times, tradition is masterfully presented in the original artistic garb of its universality.
The intertwining of ancient mythology and contemporary design conveys the rich cultural heritage of our ancient ancestors and expresses respect for the culture, traditions, values and beliefs of previous generations, thanks to which our everyday life is shaped, but which, unfortunately, we often forget by accepting instant solutions and (fashion) trends.




The casting process with resin is done by hand and process of polymerization is uncontrollable. During that process, some air is contracted inside the jewellery. I find that magical and alchemical, so those "imperfections" are not considered as a fault. "Fatto a mano" superb quality is one of my work's attribute and therefore the responsibility to my client.

22 cm x 8 cm
530 g

400,00  (3.013,80 kn)

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