Pavillion ring

SKU: 123-1

Pavillion ring

SKU: 123-1

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The design of this geometrical and fashionable cocktail-ring was inspired by a masterpiece of Croatian architecture, Ivan Mestrovic Pavillion, also known as the Home of Croatian Artists and Croatian Society of Fine Arts.

gold, blue

gold-plated silver 925, resin, topaz

The casting process with resin is done by hand and process of polymerization is uncontrollable. During that process, some air is contracted inside the jewellery. I find that magical and alchemical, so those "imperfections" are not considered as a fault. "Fatto a mano" superb quality is one of my work's attribute and therefore the responsibility to my client.

Crown: diameter 2.4 cm, topaz 10mm button-cut/ Ring: adjustable NOTE: Ring is adjustable but minimum size is 14. If You have a smaller finger size, let us know and we will make ring smaller
16 g

290,66  (2.189,98 kn)

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(approx. EUR inf)
The kuna (HRK) is the currency in Croatia, EU. When converted to euro, you get that 1 euro is approx 7,5 HRK. For precise daily exchange rates, check Your card’s provider.

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