Morph necklace

SKU: 552-1

Morph necklace

SKU: 552-1

Product description

Morph necklace is double-sided talisman necklace that represents duality that merges into One.

The core is the Pearl which is symbolic of wisdom gained through experience, and also the gemstone symbolic of the wearer's loyalty, generosity, integrity and purity. Energy centered in a pearl radiates through Saturn-like ring that through color represents different frequencies of fluid Mind, and the medium where it morphs in Your final thought / decision /creation.

Listen to Your intuition and show the right side accordingly.

silver, gold, multicolor

Element: gold-plated silver 925, enamel, resin, tahiti pearl  / Chain: rhodium-plated silver 925

The casting process with resin is done by hand and process of polymerization is uncontrollable. During that process, some air is contracted inside the jewellery. I find that magical and alchemical, so those "imperfections" are not considered as a fault. "Fatto a mano" superb quality is one of my work's attribute and therefore the responsibility to my client.

Diameter 3.5 cm, Pearl 10/11 mm, Element height 8 cm, Chain length 80 cm
31 g

476,47  (3.589,96 kn)

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